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Making of Fret Board and Bridge


1. Draw center line on fret board. Place fret board in fretting jig with double stick tape and make sure saw cuts go to the full depth across the fret board.

2. Remove the fret board carefully from fretting template.

3. Lay fret board on neck over center line and trace shape of neck onto fret board.



4. Cut and sand edges of fret board to line and sand top surface of fret board smooth.





If you are going to put any fret markings on your fret board do it now before you install the fret wire.


5. Install fret wire onto fret board.



6. Sand off sharp edges of fret wire using edge sander.

7. Glue and center fret board and install on neck with clamps.

8. Shape and finish sanding of bridge.



9. Determine placement of holes to be drilled into the bridge for strings. Drill holes using drill press and bridge jig.

10. Glue on bridge at position determined by template. Measure from the nut to the 12th fret (about 8.5 inches). Then measure from the 12th fret to mark off the bridge (about 8.5 inches).


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Sam Nihipali & Daniel Yuen
Date last modified: 4/27/00